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Meet Lina Grube, from Germany!

Updated: Mar 29

Some photographers were made, others were CREATED for a special purpose. Purpose to bring care and understanding of orcas to broad audience. Therefore, USEA is proudly sharing with you our new, exciting project called “VISUAL TRIBE”! 

This is a family/pod oriented community, that is dedicated to passionate cetacean photographers or video producers whose art is unique and brings good to the world. 

Here, you'll get exclusive access to witness beautiful visual art about orcas, dolphins and cetaceans in general!

Let us introduce you Lina Grube and her orca journey in Patagonia!

Meet Pao, beautiful male orca! And how do you take such a great photo? If you are a photo nerd, check out the info below. Lina Grube uses Canon EOS 1dx with 100-400mm USM II. F is usually between 4.5-8 depending on angle of shooting, ISO depends on day time, most shots were captured in daylight so it's low (<1000). Sometimes, during a gray day, it could be done up to 3.200. Shutter is as high as possible without loosing brightness. Lina shoot on manual mode with AF on al servo.

Meet Valen, one of Lina Grube favorite orcas! Valen was often hunting together with the matriarch, Maga, of the biggest pod. When this group arrived to hunt on a beach, they didn't stop after just a few attacks. For Lina, this day was her first grey and murky day in Patagonia and she sat in the canyons a few meters above the beach! A mixture of salt sea spray and dust covered her camera, but it did not matter since the orcas attacked for hours!

This is Llen, Pao's sister and matriarch of the pod that attacked but missed their chance. But Llen stayed calm on the shore and waited for the pubs to return into deeper water...

Meet Lina Grube! Super interesting, young, 24 years old photographer that is becoming a huntress in her spare time! Lina says: "Some people might find it weird and aren't positive about it but I stand for what I do. I am learning a lot about biology, animal species and environment and I enjoy spending time outside in the forest and on fields. Last but not least I prefer eating meat that was wild and I know where it comes from than buying from big meat factories."

For further cool content, follow Lina on Instagram

Would you like to become a part of USEA VISUAL TRIBE

Contact us at for more info!

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Great pictures from Lina. Thank you for sharing.

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