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USEA believes that the new generation, kids, and young people are the leaders of our future. Therefore, it's our responsibility to connect with youth and introduce ethical and moral principles of marine conservation and cetacean anti-captivity movement at their young age. 


To achieve this connection, USEA envisions creating an interactive educational curriculum in the form of video games, cartoons, comics, and phone applications to promote the importance of PRESERVING THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT. 

There is a long journey ahead of us, but we firmly believe that access to marine science education is a right, that shall be accessible to all. Within our vision, the significance of USEA Ambassadors, Coast Guardians, Divers and Academies are without any doubt, a crucial part of our alliance. 

USEA Academy is a unique place where divers, snorkelers and enthusiasts are guided to become USEA certified experts under personalized training to access Master and Instructor levels!




In 1981, the owner of the Orca Norway;  Mr. Olav Magne Strømsholm established the diving centre, Strømsholmen Sjøsportsenter A/S at the famous Atlantic Road. The professional dive centre Strømsholmen has been offering an unique mix of thrilling adventures to people from all over the world. Since 1992 we have running the orca expeditions with swimming with orcas. Olav's company was the first operator in the world to offer swimming with orcas.

During 6 day or 3 day orca expeditions, snorkelers can experience the most memorable underwater interactions with orcas and large whales in their own, free habitat.



The marine mammals study group is an association dedicated to monitoring the state of populations and habitats of marine mammals in the South Pacific. Born in 2009, in French Polynesia, it is made up of biologists, naturalists, veterinarians, travelers and sailors passionate about marine environments. Their action revolves around three principles: Observe, compare, testify. These principles and their permanence in the field allow GEMM to alert the entire community to the problems encountered by cetaceans and the associated biodiversity in their natural habitat.

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