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USEA (UNDERSEA SOFT ENCOUNTER ALLIANCE) is a professional network for divers, diving centers and operators choosing a unique methodology of soft encounter, while responsibly interacting with marine mammals. Our tailor made technique and approach is dedicated to those who primarily respect and care about the safety, wellbeing and wild nature of cetaceans.

Our USEA tribe is made out of experts and world-known specialists who will share with you the knowledge of where you can meet marine mammals in the wild and teach you how to interact with these magnificent animals. 

USEA expeditions are exclusive experiences dedicated to sustainable encounters with orcas, dolphins, seals and large whales. Our approach is based on more than 20 years of experience of Orca Whisperer Pierre Robert de Latour and his 6,000 successful underwater encounters, mainly with orcas in their habitat. These encounters are approved by scientists working in the field of marine biology as well.

We are proud to announce the development of new projects under our Science and Research Department, which are dedicated to cetacean communication, social interactions and emotional display within the pod!


Founding President of USEA, Pierre Robert De Latour is internationally known as Orca Whisperer who has more than 6.000 dives with killer whales!

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USEA Founder and designer.


Founder of USEA, President of Orques Sans Frontières and author of the best seller "Frère des orques" (Glénat Edition), Pierre Robert De Latour is internationally known as "The Orca Whisperer" and has more than 7,000 dives with orcas!  

Pierre is a world - class orca expert, TedX and EYF speaker, specialized on underwater close encounters with orcas, he was the first man who snorkeled with orcas in arctic waters wearing thin 5 mm water suit!


For more than 3 years, Pierre was captain of the Spearfishing French team and won a European Cup in 1997 in Norway, while accumulating multiple spearfishing awards throughout the years. 

During the 40 years of his career, Pierre has explored the European coasts and gained a deep understanding and unique experience with orcas, dolphins, seals and large whales. In 1998, he joined his first orca expedition as a guest, and later, he became an exclusive member, underwater guide and orca lecturer of the Strømsholmen Team. Since, he has guided more than 1.500 free divers in underwater close encounters with orcas. With a ratio of success of 95%.


Pierre is President of the french anti-captivity organisation "Orques Sans Frontières and the founder of the USEA, international network that established safe methodology on responsible encounters with marine mammals, respecting their welfare and wild nature. USEA techniques actively work with captains and boat drivers and train them on a safe boat approach towards the wild animals. 


His success and story attracted media productions of various wildlife documentaries such as  "The great ocean adventure" by Channel 5, "Norvège: le festin des orques" with Didier Noirot, "La quête du sauvage" by Jean-Charles Granjon, or "Ocean Soul" by Phillip Hamilton, "God of Ocean" by Barbara Szalai and Roland Tasko, "Watcher in the blue" and "Orcas in Norway" by Olivier Brosselin, “The Kingdom of Orcas” made by Fenris Film.. 


Pierre has also participated in popular TV programs such as Thalassa. he has sold his underwater footage to TV Channels such as Canal +, France2, FR3, Arte, TF1, Ushuaia TV, NRK, TV Norge, ZDF, ...


He has also directed "Voyage au pays des Orques" and has co-produced and been featured in "Le Peuple Des Orques" with famous Captain Paul Watson. 

Pierre cooperated with amazing UW photographers such as Amos Nachoum, Espen Rekdal or with great white shark expert Alessandro De Maddalena. He has worked with several free diving champions such as Dada Li, Morgan Bourch'is, or conservation personalities such as Ocean Ramsey, Kathryn Curzon, or Sébastien Lagree.


Michaela "Mishka" Borzova from Slovakia is known for leading and producing large international events, conferences, and summits around the world.

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USEA Director and Expedition Leader.

Michaela "Mishka" Borzova from Slovakia holds Marine Mammals Naturalist certificate from Marine Education and Research Society, Marine Biology diploma in the advanced education from Centre of Excellence.


Mishka is NOAA large whale disentanglement, first responder and she is passionate about orca behavior, whale brains, neuroscience, and cetacean’s scientific research.


She recently advanced her college education by adding diploma from National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer and Sport Nutrition Coach.

She is known for leading and producing large international events, conferences, and summits around the world.


With more than 15 years of experience as an Events Director and Brand Strategist in show business and corporate management, Mishka produced and guided shows and events with Snoop Dogg, Jay - Z, Marilyn Manson, Black Eyed Peas, Fugees, Limp Bizkit or Hilton, Adidas, Google, O2 and Reebok.


Before she moved to Central America, she managed stage bookings of Charles Elachi - former Director of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Jon Matonis - Founding Director of Bitcoin. Some of her largest productions exceeded more than 7,000 guests at once.  


After Mishka's relocation to Guatemala, she established a start-up of the Events Department at one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America that promotes the protection of human rights, personal freedom, and liberty.  She supported up to 30 different Guatemalan projects with the presence of top world economists, scientists or political, entrepreneurial elite from around the world. 


In early childhood, Mishka became a fierce activist against killer whales captivity and every since, she strives for any underwater marine life encounter. Passionate in orcas behavior, their cognitive skills and emotional displays towards humans, Mishka studies scientific publications and connects Orca Tribe enthusiasts from around the world.


Through her social media network, she shares academic high-end knowledge in clear, accessible language towards a broader audience.  


Mishka has swam with huge whale sharks, manta rays, stingrays and turtles in Mexico, with barracudas, and nurse sharks in Belize, observed orcas and humpbacks in Iceland, blue whales in Sri Lanka and swam with killer whales in Norway. Eye to eye encounters with orcas, her deep and meaningful underwater connections with these majestic creatures encouraged Mishka to follow her calling and became a part of the USEA Orca Tribe.


A curious wanderlust by heart, Mishka has visited more than 37 different countries, climbed Mount Everest Base camp in Tibet, walked with Komodo dragons in Indonesia and hiked active volcano craters in Guatemala. An interesting fact about Mishka is, that as an indigenous, tribal people's rights advocate, she spent 16 years of her life traveling the world and explored distant cultures and tribes in Tibet, China, Nepal, Indonesia and Latin America, just to name a few. 

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