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So, maybe you heard your “orca calling” and you are seeking some answers. 

You are curious about when and where to swim with these fascinating beings but you have so many questions, right? 

Well, our USEA expeditions are designed for those, who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, in exchange for a life-changing, emotionally driven expedition led by a world-respected expert on orcas.

You have an exclusive opportunity to learn from the leading specialist on orca’s behavior, emotions, and their social display within the pod and towards humans!

We are not magicians promising you “100% guaranteed sighting of orcas”; we don’t operate on plain promises, as you can’t force Mother Nature to any tricks. What we can promise you though, is a tailor-made, carefully planned expedition with precise logistics, attention to details and the added value of having one on one conversations with the compassionate professionals leading USEA


We are proud partners with respected experts in ORCA, DOLPHIN, HUMPBACK AND SEAL EXPEDITIONS AROUND THE WORLD, offering you the possibility to build and customize your trip of a lifetime based on your needs and interests!  


We know how travel planning for such a special trip can get stressful and a bit overwhelming. We've been in your shoes before and we decided to take that little extra step to provide you personalized and detail oriented hospitality. "How do I get to the Arctics?", "What shall I pack?", "Do I need to bring dry suit?" We hear you. There are so many questions that are running through your head.  


When it comes to expeditions with marine mammals, there is no "one trip fits all".  Instead, we carefully listen to your needs and according to your experience, we'll build you a tailor-made itinerary based on your wishes.


Contact our Office Head Manager and Expedition Leader, Marine Quentin or the Orca Expert and Founder Pierre Robert de Latour at and you'll receive information within 48 hours!  

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