USEA believes that the new generation, kids, and young people are the leaders of our future. Therefore, it's our responsibility to connect with youth and introduce ethical and moral principles of marine conservation and cetacean anti-captivity movement at their young age. 


To achieve this connection, USEA envisions creating an interactive educational curriculum in the form of video games, cartoons, comics, and phone applications to promote the importance of PRESERVING THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT. 

There is a long journey ahead of us, but we firmly believe that access to marine science education is a right, that shall be accessible to all. Within our vision, the significance of USEA Ambassadors, Coast Guardians, Divers and Academies are without any doubt, a crucial part of our alliance. 

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Alessandro De Maddalena (Milan, 1970) is one of the major shark experts in the world. He is the curator of the Italian Great White Shark Data Bank, a founding member of the Mediterranean Shark Research Group, a Regional Investigator of the Global Shark Attack File, and a collaborator of Apex Shark Expeditions. 


His research findings have been published in numerous scientific publications including Annales Series historia naturalis, Museologia Scientifica, Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova, Bollettino del Museo civico di Storia naturale di Venezia, Thalassia Salentina, Biljeske – Notes, Journal of the National Museum of Prague, South African Journal of Science, Marine Life, and the Latin American Journal of Aquatic Mammals.

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Valérie Valton is a behaviorist and a specialist in respectful Human - Marine mammal interactions.


She explores the possible relationships between wild life & humans, wishing to discover to which extent we can approach, interact, bond and communicate with wild animals. Specialized in sea mammals for 10 years now, she has travelled around the world to observe and interact with all types of sea giants (dolphins, orcas, whales, sperm whales etc). Her behaviorist approach and sensitivity enabled her to slowly enter these giants’ world, to develop or adapt for each, a respectful approach, and various ways of communicating with them, taking her far beyond what she thought could be possible.


Wishing to contribute to restore a more respectful and harmonious cohabitation between wild life and humans, she tries to change the actual vision we have about wild life and animals in general. She wishes humanity to discover that aside being prey or predators (as humans are), they are also intelligent and sentient beings with sensitivity and emotions, just like us.


Encountering these giants is usually a life changing experience, reconnecting us to what we truly are and to the essence of life. And by reminding us that life is both a mystery and a miracle, such encounters also reconnect us with our ability to marvel and wonder. And in that respect, a few times per year, she takes with her a few small groups to encounter wild dolphins, whales or other wild sea mammals in the most beautiful spots she knows. 


Now wishing to contribute in a larger extent to raise consciousness and change our vision of animals, she is preparing a TV Series named “The Ambassadors” to share with the public the extraordinary that is lived in such intimate encounters with wild sea giants. Because “We care for what we love, and love only that we know” as used to say Cousteau.

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"Don't be scared of darkness, in reality, it is your candle to become awakened. Darkness becomes what the person wishes it to be or needs it to be. Well, when you are blessed and orca chooses you and connects eye to eye, even the notorious darkness of the Norwegian fjords turns into light. Once an orca touches your soul, there is no way back, you become addicted. During those few seconds that an orca offers you, nothing else really matters and you finally understand it all; who you are and what's your purpose in life. Nothing remains the same anymore, orcas have the ability to show you your most vulnerable and raw sides. What a magic."


Michaela "Mishka" Borzova from Slovakia is known for leading and producing large international events, conferences, and summits around the world. 

With more than 15 years of experience as an Events Director and Brand Strategist in show business and corporate management, Mishka produced and guided productions with Snoop Dogg, Jay - Z, Marilyn Manson, Black Eyed Peas, Fugees, Limp Bizkit or Hilton, Adidas, Google, O2 and Reebok. Before she moved to Central America, she managed stage bookings of Charles Elachi - former Director of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Jon Matonis - Founding Director of Bitcoin. Some of her largest productions exceeded more than 7,000 guests at once.  


After Mishka's relocation to Guatemala, she established a start-up of the Events Department at one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America that promotes the protection of human rights, personal freedom, and liberty.  She supported up to 30 different Guatemalan projects with the presence of top world economists, scientists or political, entrepreneurial elite from around the world. 


In early childhood, Mishka became a fierce activist against killer whales captivity and every since, she strives for any underwater marine life encounter. Passionate in orcas behavior, their cognitive skills and emotional displays towards humans, Mishka studies scientific publications and connects Orca tribe enthusiasts from around the world. Through her social media network, she is dynamic in sharing academic high-end knowledge in clear accessible language towards a broader audience.  


Mishka has swam with whale sharks, manta rays, stingrays and turtles in Mexico, with barracudas, nurse sharks in Belize, observed orcas and humpbacks in Iceland, blue whales in Sri Lanka and recently, Mishka joined the USEA dream team onboard of the Sula in Norway. Eye to eye encounters with orcas, deep and meaningful underwater connections with these majestic creatures encouraged Mishka to follow her calling and became a part of the USEA  Orca tribe.


A curious wanderlust by heart, Mishka has visited more than 37 different countries, climbed Mount Everest Base camp in Tibet, walked with Komodo dragons in Indonesia and hiked active volcano craters in Guatemala. An interesting fact about Mishka is, that as an indigenous, tribal people's rights advocate, she spent 16 years of her life traveling the world and explored distant cultures and tribes in Tibet, China, Nepal, Indonesia and Latin America, just to name a few. 


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