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Meet Ivan Breslauer, from Croatia!

Updated: Mar 29

Some photographers were made, others were CREATED for a special purpose. Purpose to bring care and understanding of orcas to a broad audience. However, there are just a few photographers whose art touches your soul, so when we met Ivan Breslauer, we were just speechless by the strength of the emotions he caught on camera. 

This time, USEA journey will take you to witness "Cetaceans Underwater Encounters" and we can't wait to see your reactions to these stunning photos and videos!

This photo was taken by Ivan on the first day of the 2019 season and finding orcas in the field was a very good sign of what was about to come...

This orca bull was swimming along Ivan , tolerating his presence and letting him take this amazing shot.

Check out this stunning, tolerant and fully grown orca bull that allowed Ivan to position himself head to head with him and take this shot before Ivan moved out of his path.

This is probably one of Ivan’s favorite encounters with a juvenile orca that was showing clear interest in his presence and the vocalizations Ivan was making underwater.

This is a beautiful display of orca's elegant hydrodynamic body gliding effortlessly through the water.

How cool is this close, face-to-face encounter with a juvenile orca looking right into Ivan’s eyes!

Tricky game! This is a top-down shot of a bull orca showing the saddle patch that sometimes resembles a heart shape.

Check out this bull orca on a beautiful October sunny day

How beautiful is this bull orca diving back into the dark!

This humpback whale was just in front of Ivan’s speedboat and gave him a realistic sense of scale.

How cute is this photo of an inquisitive juvenile orca that broke away from the group to come and inspected the diver?

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing it in our visual tribe.

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